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Complimentary Initial Consultation for New Estate Planning Clients
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Complimentary Initial Consultations for New Estate Planning Clients
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─ Probate and Trust Administration Service in Venice, FL─


Trust Administration

Our law firm represents the Trustee in a non-court supervised process to administer the Trust of a person who is deceased in an orderly manner for the purpose of distribution of assets in accordance with the decedent's wishes.

Probate Administration

Our law firm is happy to assist our client, the Personal Representative of the estate of a deceased individual, where the Last Will and Testament is reviewed through a legal process in the Probate Court to determine the validity and admittance. The Probate process to administration of a decedent's estate in absence of a Last Will Testament. The goal is the orderly administration of the decedent's assets to heirs and/or beneficiaries pursuant to Florida law.
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